Digital Age

author/source: DrB

I was astonished to see someone using a public telephone in the street last week - here in London, in a Post Office red telephone box, as we call them. I think I have forgotten how to use one. I remember making calls with four pennies, and having to press button A, or B.

I have very fond memories of the analogue, continuous signal era. They flood back when I hear a particular song, or when watching an old film. I guess I am analogue* really, in a digital world. Life was relatively simple then, uncomplicated. Minimalist perhaps.

But our current era, the digital, is built on simplicity itself - the binary, intermittent system, either on, or off. It certainly has become increasingly complicated as it has developed. Most things do. My experience setting up this website is rubbing it home, for sure. Getting there, yes, but only by patient perseverance!

It is complex, but can be simplified, and then it works best. Good things are simple, and come in small packages, don't they?

Like my wonderful iPhone, that took a picture for this site this morning, and which has just played Little Richard and "By the light of the silvery moon" for me...



*See Don Norman: Being Analog