Simplicity, complexity and the nature of proverbs

author/source: DrB

It started simple.

From the simple idea of making a successful treatment approach more generally available, by digitalizing our video and our book and posting both on the internet, through discovering membership websites, and then on to building this site as a platform, it has became more complicated!

As I learn more all the time about what can be done, and therefore continually add to the original idea, I remember how characteristic it is of a simple, effective and attractive idea to grow bigger and more complex.

Small is beautiful, but bigger is better?

Proverbs - phrases that aim to illustrate "a truth" - so often have contradictory partners.

It is as well to be cautious when an apparent truth is in the offing, as the laws of logic require a truth to have no contradiction. Perhaps a proverb is more a little bit of wisdom, and the contradiction is a reminder that life is all about balance.

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