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I first saw Dr.Bridgett in 1991-92 and, with the help of the combined approach, he helped me begin phase 2 of my life which was living without eczema.  He opened the doors to skin education and taught me to how to be in control of my skin and therefore my life.  I now work as a nutritionist which is an extension of my interest in the relationship between food and health.  I set out hoping that food and allergies were the answer to my eczema and 10 years later I find that they are only a part of the answer.  A combined approach to skin is the answer and I have an equally healthy respect for what I put on my skin as to what I put in my mouth.  I have 3 children who miraculously do not have eczema; the genes have just missed this generation and I'll be ready and armed for the next.

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This site is easy to navigate and I'm no expert.  The layout is excellent and I'm looking forward to adding to the discussion forum.