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Hi, i have a 16yr old son, he has suffered with severe Eczema for 10years. We have done the prick test which confirmed that he was allergic to dust mites and grass pollen. These allergies cause severe atopic eczema. we have been to  immunologist, naturopath, skin specialist, dermatologist. he has allergy bedding and we have only floor boards. i hv done everything possible to help him.
Steroid creams are just a quick fix and have scared his body, he used Dermeze ointment which was recommed by our dermatologist. This ointment is very greasy which he needs but it also causes his skin to smell. he has to bath in bleach 3x aweek. Antihistamine tablets - (Zyrtec/claritine ect..) are not strong enough and do not releave him. The dermatologist prescribe him METHOTREXATE - (immunosuppressant drug) this helped him for about 6 months then he got very sick which hospitalised him. He was then taken off that drug for 8weeks. Once he returned to taking Methotrexate we found it did no help. This present time in my sons life, his allergies are causing severe depression due to not being able to live a normal teenage life. Myself as a carer i have never felt so exchausted mentally and never felt so helpless. PLEASE HELP...Thankyou