Atopic eczema in pregnancy

Since we started to offer habit reversal for the habitual scratching of chronic atopic eczema, it is important to report we have had several patients who have been successfully treated during pregnancy.

During pregnancy atopic eczema can improve, and it can worsen. The variation is both between women, and over the nine months of a pregnancy,

First, some women experience a worsening of their eczema overall in pregnancy, while for others their eczema seems to generally clear up. Why this is so, no-one is quite sure!

And secondly there can be a variation over the nine months of the pregnancy, with an improvement especially during the first 6 months that may be due to an immune system change called immune tolerance, that favours successful pregnancy.

Worsening in the last 3 months may be related to increase in body weight, and proneness to getting overheated - being hot and sweaty is never comfortable when there is eczema about!

NB The treatment of atopic eczema when planning and during pregnancy requires special care. Secondary treatments especially - used when usual treatments are ineffective - may be contraindicated in pregnancy. It is essential to get and follow medical advice.

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The good news is that The Combined Approach for chronic, and otherwise hard-to-treat atopic eczema is safe and effective in pregnancy, as long as the very potent or Grade 1 topical steroids are not used, or if used, are used sparingly. The clinic-based format with several visits provides good supervision of medication.  In pregnancy the self-help format should have appropriate professional support.

Success with The Combined Approach - optimal topical treatment with moisturisers and topical steroids, and habit reversal for habitual scratching - can be achieved in only a few weeks, with subsequently less  treatment required than before.

Our programme is non-toxic, cost effective…. and pregnancy friendly!