Habit Reversal for atopic eczema: simple to use in primary care

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Dr Pixie McKenna is a family doctor and general practitioner in central London UK who previously worked also as a clinical assistant with Dr Richard Staughton, Consultant Dermatologist, in the Daniel Turner Dermatology Clinic at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London, UK.

She is also well known for her work on both radio and television, including the UK TV series Embarassing Bodies.

She sees habit reversal for chronic atopic eczema as safe and simple to use in primary care, both by GPs and nurse practitioners.

She describes here how atopic eczema cabn be treated in general practice, the potential costs involved, the impact atopic eczema has on the lives of its many sufferers, and how she came to discover habit reversal and realise its effectiveness.



The effectiveness of habit reversal on treatment outcome and quality of life in patients with chronic eczema: a prospective observational study in the United Kingdom
Tsakok,T Roberts,E Bridgett,C Staughton,RCD  British Journal of Dermatology 2016
doi: 10.1111/bjd.15092

This presentation was first given at the multidisciplinary meeting "Habit Reversal & Atopic Eczema" on 23 March 2017, at The Medical Society of London.

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