Treatment programme stages for atopic eczema in Adults and Older Children


The Combined Approach
to atopic eczema for Adults and Older Children is set out in detail in two books:  “Atopic Skin Disease - A Manual for Practitioners”, and in the self-help book “The Eczema Solution”. It is supported by a patient handbook.

The suggested clinic-based programme is a series of four appointments over five weeks. The self-help format follows a similar structure.The protocol details suggested topics to cover at each stage. The spacing between the first two appointments allows enough time to study and record scratching behaviour: one week.

After that, the timing of appointments reflects the time it takes for skin to heal - about another four weeks. The spaces between visits 2 and 3, and 3 and 4, can be 2, or 3 weeks - it is better not to shorten the treatment programme to less than four weeks, as at least four weeks are required for complete healing to occur.

The last visit plans follow-up and is important: it introduces how to tackle acute flare-ups. These become increasingly less troublesome as time passes. Follow-up reviews at six weeks, six months and a year are useful to ensure progress is maintained.

The success achieved by using The Combined Approach involves all four of the above programme stages, which allow all of the three healing stages to be achieved...

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