✊👪Web apps for The Combined Approach to atopic eczema

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The clinic-based use of The Combined Approach to atopic eczema is supported by two patient handbooks. These have been updated and made available as "web apps" which are now being "road tested".

Each digital handbook has two versions, one for the patient and/or parents, and one for the practitioner.

The intention is to help the practitioner follow the recommended protocols. This may be especially useful when a practitioner is just starting to use the programme. The practitioner's versions are exactly the same as those of the patient, except for additional prompts - for the practitioner to refer to during a consultation.

Patients who have used the web app so far have found the digital format both acceptable and practical. It is possible for the practitioner to share the handbook links with the patient either in clinic, or online - for patient reference there and then, as well as for reference later. It is easy to print off the relevant pages for homework tasks.

When bookmarked on the home screen of a mobile device...




....they becomes like any other app, complete with informative links to additional relevant content on this website.

Practitioner experience is equally positive: the format is convenient - no more copying and assembling of handbooks! Navigating the links of the digital handbook is easy. The practitioner prompts are proving useful in ensuring maximal effect when explaining the programme to the patient.


To further road test these apps and give us your feedback please contact us here.


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