Four rules for follow-up

author/source: DrB&DrN




After successfully treating all chronic atopic eczema with The Combined Approach, the programme continues with follow-up - perhaps the most important stage ...

Dr Peter Norén says "there are now four rules to follow" :

1. Stop using creams and ointments routinely. From now on start looking at and feeling the skin routinely: watch out for the features of flare-up, especially when you know there are trigger factors operating.

2. Always be ready to treat dry skin with emollient - thinly, gently, quickly and often enough to keep a shine on the surface!

3. For inflammation add the potent steroid from your Zap Pack - use it as instructed to the Look Good Point, then add the same number of days for hidden healing before stopping - do not stop too soon!

4. When there is no dryness and no inflammation, do nothing!

With this regime the flare-ups can become less frequent and less severe as time passes.


You are more and more able to live without eczema.