Integrative Dermatology, Habit Reversal and Atopic Eczema

author/source: DrB




In their introduction to Advances in Integrative Dermatology [2019], editors França and Lotti set out the latest concepts involved.


A modern holistic dermatological practice safely and successfully combines evidence-based conventional dermatology with evidence-based complementary dermatology. 




The result is a practitioner approach that is both multi-dimensional and patient centred, taking into account a range of factors - the "pillars of integrative dermatology" - that may need to be addressed in order to achieve optimal treatment success. 




The Combined Approach [TCA] to atopic eczema is an evidence-based combination of optimal conventional treatment with habit reversal, an effective and easy-to-use evidence-based psychological intervention for habitual scratching. 






While TCA can be used alongside all conventional treatments above, it may be most appropriate before starting systemic treatment.


TCA can be also successfully offered alongside all complementary treatments for atopic eczema listed below.















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